Barriers to Build

Just hold me Don’t act like you know me or own me Because I can’t let you see The truth in the lies. . I cry like a man. I cry at night, I’m sure you’ll understand. I’m sure it’s more than you can stand. Calm down and lend me a hand. . I scream…

Introspective Once Again

This is who I am- It isn’t fair. I’m here and I’m not. Hit me with all you got. . I don’t get how you people do it. Wake up in the morning, Have everything alright. I’ve lost the fight. . I’m not a file you can open If I was, no-one would read me…

What is God?

What if, when the flying saucer lands and the aliens descend, their first question for humanity is: ‘What is god?’ They ask with hope seeping from each tentacle, because perhaps today, finally, they’ll have an answer. ‘Well,’ Say some people, ‘God is everything, everywhere, but also nothing and nowhere.’ The aliens vapourise these people in…


I felt your whisper. It shook its wayward way up my spine, To ricochet around my head. What sort of words could I whisper back? None.

Double Bed

I just want to lie back and let you do no good to me. Let you wash through my blood, like a bubble of something that sparkles like champagne. I feel you travel up my arm and shoot straight into my heart and somehow manage to give my brain a stroke. My head tilts back,…

Thoughts and Rambles

Poetry is no place for truth. Words are wings And I want to fly you to another dimension. Who wants the sofa, The weeping reality? Sofa, no good. Poetry? All right.

The Sick of It.

I’ve tried to write honestly for a long time. I’ve always been troubled- No. You know what? I’m done. You don’t get to know this type of shit about me, not anymore. I’m about to tell you about my day and you’re not going to have any context for it, so it isn’t going to…

A Rare Personal Update

Hello and happy new year(!), people who read my blog and the people who just accidentally found it while they were trying to find a good recipe for guacamole! If you’re wondering why my blog posts have become sporadic, I can only blame a sudden and inexplicable happiness that’s come over me and made me…

Millennial Idiot

Don’t wanna be a Millennial idiot,
Don’t want a planet under the new Iphone,
And can you hear the sound of my groans?
The subliminal mind fuck of stoners.