Lessen your desires If you want love then you should- Then you will love me. Advertisements


You think you know me But you only see this thing- It’s just a body.


Your face looks bored. The horror? Being adored. …Must be a nightmare…


I drink to forget: I was a victim. Target. I survived? Sure, yeah.

To Forget

Nah, it never works. Having a boozed-up, small brain. It keeps you the same.


I could write a poem And tell you how I feel. I’d rather kiss you.

Sea Star

A jellyfish floats; A live sand-dollar: Stings bad, like first love.


Singing me to sleep- And your soul is mine to keep; Am I in love? Yes.

Fairy Tales

Unicorns, fairies; Dragons, witches are more real- Than this government.


Every town Has some good and bad Some days the good Will outweigh the bad But not in Preston-town. Oh, I’d been inclined to dream, If we weren’t so bad We’d up and leave We’d pack our bags, and not be so sad, If we had bags to be packin’ If we were inclined to be thinkin’ Couldn’t there…


Hurricanes, breezes- I’m gentle and yet fierce; I’m light as the air.