Coffee Sonnet 3

Look in thy mug and tell the face thou viewest

Now is the time one exam should form fast repent,

Whose fresh questions shit-storm with each passing crest

But coffee doth beguile the world, bless’d be; heaven-sent.

For where is tea so fair whose sub-caffinated depth

Disdains the brains of poor pupils wracked with sleep-loss?

Or cold-minded drinks teacher is so fond of, lacking depth-

Full of self-propriety:- who could know an exam better

Than some smart smiling someone who isn’t sitting it?

Call me back to the lovely September of our prime;

As through the windows of time AS looks so easy

Despite failing it today, what I know spans through time

That exams are best left alone, and best kept far;

Lest we die alone, unemployed, knowing not who we are.


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