For the New Millenium

I couldn’t write you a love song

Every time I try, it goes wrong…

I always wind up involving rum

And wind up daydreaming ’bout your bum.

Many a tequila sunrise I’ve had to face

‘Cause my mind’s always on the case.

So, why can’t I write you a love song?

Hasn’t this gone on a bit long?

Five shots more of vodka,

Still I want ya.

If a hangovers all I’ve got to suffer,

I do believe I’ll have another.

Stupid silly sodding love song!

Makes it so I’m still thinkin’ of you when me legs’re gone.

Me legs’re all wobbly

And me hair’s lost its bobbly

And I might be a bit tipsy,

So sexting you’d be a bit risky…

Figures this’d be the finished love song!

I really didn’t mean to make the drink that strong!

I’ll not remember this serenade come morning,

Hopefully you’ll still be snoring…

I’ll sneak quietly out the ‘ouse!

‘Cause I know you don’t want me as a spouse.

I’d now mean to have a finished love song,

But it appears I’ve drunk on…

But to finish I meant to say I love you,

But I’m not to drunk to know you don’t love me too.

So after all this time…

Shit. I can’t think of another rhyme.

I hate this bloody song.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Buahahahahaha. I think I’m going to like it here. Thank you for your interest in my blog and I look forward to following yours.


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