To My Dearest

Two days without you is far too long to go.

Blood keeps cursing and coursing in spite of your absence, so

I guess this day is just another day

And we don’t really get another say.

I must however say to thee how much I miss thee,

My dear Coffee.


Dearest Coffee,

I love you to the depth and breadth my soul can reach, and hope you miss me.


Even my psychiatrist has gotten bored of you and me

He’s been saying you make me batshit crazy

And apparently this isn’t a good thing.


So you see, it’s quits for you and me.

At least, for another week.

After that, I’ll go back to you and life’ll stop looking so bleak.

And Dr Tea with his fancy PhD

Will have no more say in my caffeinated ecstasy.



A Rather De-Caffeinated Me.


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