Thought I saw love once,

But I was looking through the bottom of a bottle

Thought I cared for him once,

But it was just another bedpost to throttle.


When the snake finds himself awake

You’re naked in his nest

As he slithers towards you

When you’re hungover and not at your best.


Sure, he’s a nice guy really,

But what the fuck was his name?

Sure, he’d love you afterwards in the morning, ever morning forevermore,

But doesn’t it get boring when it’s always the same?


Who wants the great romance

I’d rather hop in bed and get the job done

Because who needs commitment when there’s sex?

Best not to be a number one.


Just another notch on a bedpost is fine too,

Best get out before you wake up,

Loitering is penalised through fines, too

And when you want to cuddle is when I’ve had enough.


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