In Glorious Technicolour

You turn my black roses red

And my grey bells blue.

I’m a black-and-white person, it’s been said,

But it’s also true-

Your kisses are technicolour and 3-D

And I’m just a sketch in charcoal,

But you can animate me.

You’ve got the starring role-

I’m happily an understudy,

Or a co-star;

Just as long as you’re with me.

Whether I’m a comet or a shooting star

Or vice-versa, doesn’t matter really;

I just know we’ll go far-

You set me alight

And I’ll try to do the same for you:

Create a constellation that shines so bright;

It’s only right.

And when people talk about the star that flew,

We’ll say we never had to.


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