Helen Coxon

I was 24 years old

When I met the woman I would call my own

Don’t need no grandkids now, we are growing old

In the house where her mum disowned her.

‘Twas a summer day when we eloped,

She took my hand, baby I was hooked

And I asked her father,

Her daddy said, ‘She’s hetero,’

‘You can’t marry my daughter!’


She and I went on the run

Don’t care about religion

I’m gonna marry the woman I love,

And God loves every-one

She was Helena Coxon,

I was Mary ‘Who-Again?’

She took my heart and then we were one;

-‘Cause God loves every-one


Well, I met her in a pub in two-thousand-three,

And she was sippin’ a port just lookin’ at me-

Never had I seen such beauty before,

The moment that I saw her.

Helen was my rainbow rose,

As we took off all our clothes…

We fell in love, and it’s been told,

We found don’t need no rings of gold!


She and I went on the run

Don’t care about religion

I’m gonna marry the woman I love

Cause love knows no borders.

She was Helen Coxon,

I was Mary Who-Again,

We fell in love and then had some fun,

‘Cause God loves everyone!


Throw a snow-white streak in that short-cut-hair,

Over sixty years I’ve been lovin’ her

Now we’re sat by the fire in our old armchairs

You know Helen I adore ya.


From a small-town girl in a Catholic town

I’m never worried on the hallowed ground

‘Cause it’s love that wears Gods crown-

We’ve no fear, I assure ya!


She and I don’t have to run,

Or care about religion

I’ve just married the woman I love,

And God loves everyone!

I’m happy wed to Helen Coxon,

‘Cause we’re in love, I’ve found my one;

And God loves everyone

So how could love be wrong?





(NOTE: Not trying to be anything like Ed Sheeran over here. Nancy Mulligan is completely his intellectual property, I just bent the lyrics a bit. (Not even my puns are straight, see?) I just really enjoyed Nancy Mulligan and then this came to me after 5 cups of espresso and 3 hours of sleep. Hope you enjoyed.)


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