Merry Poppings

Mary Poppins is the gal,

Used to be a tyke and take a lot of sugar for whatever ailed her,

Now she’s running with the like and she’s a danger to all who know her.

Taking sugar is all well and good

Till you visit the hood

Get addicted with one melted spoonful

Helps the medicine go down while you break a golden rule.

Well now Mary, you’ve moved on to poppin’ something else now

Maybe that’s why you look so relaxed now

While your body wastes away

Your mind loves to play

And I wonder if you know where you are

Even while you’re driving your umbrella around and around the roundabout.

Yes, there’s a big problem for a Poppins,

The clue’s in the name

And they never quite have their head in the game.

I wonder if you can see

That Micheal’s no longer three

And little Jane’s got a boyfriend now

And sometimes they see Bert and ask him how you are and if there’s a way to reply to that he don’t know how.


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