Bad Teacher

He’s a bad teacher
Kind of a demon
If he doesn’t pass you
You’re in for some fun
To question him? Well
Even the winners run-
From this teaching-demon

The snarl of those lips-
His sharpness of teeth;                                                                                                                                 All studious students
Had better take heed:
You know that he will fail you
If you don’t repeat-
And with him your parents will meet.

At first you think
It was good to try his class-
But after your first term…
It will begin-
You’ll come to realize
You’ve read his kind of lies
On every Wiki page
For free!

This entire class
Was a waste of time
The worst kind of a crime!
Still don’t know why he
Wanted to teach
My life was such a fine place
Until my bad teacher gave me a speech.


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