Runaway Rapunzel

Rapunzel stays locked up in her terraced tower most days,

Says the only place she wants to go is the bookstore and thats away-a-ways.

Says she prefers to be alone,

But everytime I tiptoe up she’s always talking on her cell phone.


Says she wanted to look mature,

So she chopped off all that hair and lost that youthful allure

And like so many young flowers

She began to lose her natural powers

And started smoking and poking

And saying things that made her father hope she was joking.


Rapunzel! Rapunzel! sneak out with me tonight!

We’ll go to a club and dance until the morning light!

And maybe add some extra fun to the mix

Thanks to magic Millie and her bag of trix-

And by noon you’ll not be hungover

You’ll still be drunk and satiated from our latest sleep-over.


Rapunzel, Rapunzel!

Where have you been out, young girl?

Your father and I are awful worried

And everytime you get home and stamp up those stairs you’re always so hurried

I want a word with you, young Lady.

That young man you’ve had over looks awful shady.


Mother, shut up.

I’ve been shut up for too long and I just want to go out and see what’s up

I just want to smoke, and drink, and think

And grind and wind and wink

That doesn’t make me a bad person in this society,

Even if I must be teenaged and feel you’ll never understand me.


Poor Rapunzel is out of her terraced tower most days,

Stays over with Terrence most days, caught in a pink haze.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, never say your life isn’t a fairy tale

Even if your actual address never receives your actual mail

I reckon you’ll still get your happily ever after,

Because no witch will ever be your master.


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