The Place Where Love Comes To Die

(The debut poem (at least on this blog!) of Taylor Donoughue-Smith. Enjoy!)

This is the place where love comes to die

In a field full of emptiness and space

See the dog walkers struggling to maintain control

See the people looking vacantly at the river bank

See yourself in the middle of it all, thinking, contemplating, wondering where it all went wrong

You’re calm and yet it’s not

You’re restless and yet it’s calm

This seemed like an appropriate place to put it all to rest, the perfect venue, the vast expanse.

It seems like something out of a poem.


The trees wave in the wind, replenished after the harsh winter reborn

Ironic, really.

Because this is the place where love comes to die,

In the forestry of your mind

These things aren’t rational

But that’s the only way you can cope

Those lips, that hair, that face It will never be yours

And all because of something out of the realm of intellectual thought

God knows these things have nothing to do with intellect

Why oh why oh- You’re moping now

You’re in public

Don’t show it

Don’t show it!

See the couples walking hand in hand, tied

And laugh when you realise you got lucky

Though it doesn’t seem it right now, it will

Why, you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t going to be okay

In the place where love comes to die


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