Don’t give me the moon. I just asked for the night off.

Don’t give me your love, I just asked for a date.

Give me all your heart and I’ll give you a coronary-

Nothing I can think of is more ordinary.

Give me your everything seems like a bit of a risk;

All I asked for was a kiss!

Don’t call me ‘yours’ when I don’t call you ‘mine’

That kind of thing makes me whine-

-And speaking of wine, get me something cheap

Nobody drinks it for the taste;

And I want none of our nights to waste

Don’t call me bossy!

I’ll order you to stop!

My street’s full of future lost-lovers

Hiding under a stranger’s covers.

No, don’t call me anything. I need nothing.

Just hold me, and feel me;

Just kiss me and sometimes miss me-

Yes, that sounds about right.


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