A Moment of Silence…

They ask me to balance out the screaming with a minute of silence. They tell me I am a cold, heartless psychopath when I refuse.

The horror of this world is a broken seal on their fresh bottle of coke, bubbling and bubbling until the earth is flat once more.

They lost their lives in songs and lights;

They lost their lives for no reason;

They were white. We mourn them.

There were twenty-two.

That could be a lot.

I mean, as long as you totally ignore the rest of us, that’s a lot. That’s a tragedy. it is as if the seven of the Challenger had crashed into the Titanic, rather than the Titanic crashing into the iceberg. I can not be silent about this.

Here’s the simple arithmetic:

Challenger : Titanic

7 : 1,503

Here’s a distinction, somewhat clearer:

Syria : Manchester

55,000 : 22

This simple ratio is something that the world refuses to know. That is why I cannot be silent; not for a minute, a millisecond. Not for anything.

You can pay me and you can sew my mouth shut and snap my pen in two; yet the one thing you cannot do is slaughter these numbers.

Why, both are tragedies- that I can’t dispute- yet the facts are so bland and bold and inconvenient that they are impossible to refute.

Did I mention this other lack of comprehension- the number in Syria is still increasing? While the 22 are dead, may they rest in peace, after the mourning ends our minds will still not be at peace.

They asked me to do a minute of silence; but I have so much to say! We’ve let tyrants rise to power and now they’ll never go away. We’ve elected Hitler in annoying orange form; we’ve made hate and terror the norm. Why should I be silent, when human nature is clearly so inclined to be violent?

Destruction is inherent to betterment; but what of the cost? What of the cost? What cost?


22 : 55,000

55,000 : 22


When will this silence stop and when will we realise that some problems can’t be fixed by calling a cop, because if we’re all black on the inside then all our widows and mothers have cried because we’ve all died; we called the cop and arrested ourselves.

So, no. I refuse to be silent. There is far too much to say.


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