Bella Donna

Sweet sweet poison pours from your lips to mine

As life spills from me I find my regrets where they still lie,

In your eyes as mine begin to shine.

Why, my Bella Donna, Why?

Blooming so young is never a wise thing to do,

Dear sweet Bella-

If you never meant to hurt me I never meant to hurt you

Though this frost convinces us otherwise it doesn’t have to be forever.

Pure darkness stares through me whenever I look at you

But poison is addictive

And soon it’ll be all I ever knew-

If I’m going to be predictive,


I say my Bella Donna will be the end of me

Yet I may rest peacefully in the arms of this beauty-

But that’s never been to hard to see

Unless, like all other Donna’s before her,

She knows when it’s time to flee.


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