‘Couple miles down the road

You’ll find a messed up little cabin

Where a man made his sin

And there’s a story to be told

Baby, please don’t cry!

Oh baby, please don’t die!

Well, it was pretty cold that night.

Snow came raining down.

Her car’d stopped. No rescue found.

‘Till he found her an’ tucked her in- good and tight.

Baby baby, watcha tryna say?

Baby baby, knew he’d make ya pay.

Kisses like fire.

So you’d never see it coming,

Through a manufactured desire.

So you’d never suspect something-

And now you’re in love with that sociopath;

So now you’ve gotta face his wrath.

He’s so OCD

I’m all tied up keeping him here

I can’t be anywhere but near

And he knows what he does to me.

Heated gunshot kisses suddenly go loud

And I see in those eyes- you’re so proud.

No, no escape for me.

This is your web of lies.

And I- a mere fly- could never break free of my ties.

So is this me over, baby?

I hope so.

After you, there’s nowhere to go.





But up.


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