John and Yoko. (Fear).

I don’t want to be a revolutionary

I don’t want to get shot in the chest

I want my life to be stationary

I want to be at rest.


Wouldn’t it be funny if you and I were John and Yoko,

Loving for what’s right

Loving for peace, real slow.

I wish these questions didn’t keep me up at night.


I want to save the world, but I only have a laptop;

Oh well, I guess it’s more than Yoko’s got.

I am in love with peace,

But I haven’t found a niche.


Well well well! What’s a working class gal to do?

You see, there’s barely enough money for me or for you.

They beat you down,

They don’t like the genius but they hate the clown.

Sit your arse in that chair and learn a thing they’ll change by next year-

I wonder what they’ve got planned next, and I wonder why I fear.

John and Yoko had the right idea- loving for peace and finding peace is love-

The only gift for the working classes that comes from up above.


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