Under a blanket of stars

Far from the blaring cars

Something different makes a sound-

With hardly anything else around.


Listening to an old song

Nothing’s wrong-

Everything feels so right,

Under a blanket of starlight.


Up so high,

Bringing warmth to the sky-

They burn and burn so bright,

They warm me to your light.


They don’t have stars where I’m from-

They built factories instead, so now there’s none.

So, thanks for bringing me here-

It’s dark and cold but the only thing I fear

Is losing your hand.


You tell me stories and they’re all grand-

Great and sprawling like this farmland-

But the only thing I want to hear

Is how the night ends- the skies are clear.


Telling the story of the cosmic herding boy and his weaving maid-

Apart, but needing each other so much, they prayed-

Wishing they could have more than a night;

So, once a year, before the daylight-

Every magpie and every crow

Come together to make a bridge, so the lovers can know:

A simple sweet embrace-

A gently tickling caress to the other’s face-

A never-forgotten kiss-

And a finally-granted wish.


I figure from how we fit that we are a similar constellation-

You must be some heavenly creation,

And so am I-

So, we shall join together, back in that clear, clear sky.



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