2 to 2 (A.M.)

It’s getting late,

But I have a confession to make-

Well, a few..

But not all of them are for you.


You see, I don’t sleep well

And some days it feels like hell

They think I’m red but I’m dark blue

And I feel alone in every crowded room.


I get lonely more often than you’d think

That’s why I often have a drink

Until I feel sick

Then wake up and feel like a prick.


I don’t feel that smart, or strong;

And lately every word I write feels wrong.

I’m just trying to keep it together-

Because feelings are just like the weather.


So many things- I must confess:

I’m a bit of a mess.

And it’s not all you- it’s the one who came before and before;

The one who started this mental war.


You think I’m bright pink but I’m dark dark blue-

And I’m ashamed to hide my colours from you.

But this ain’t Fifty Shades

Because this can’t be solved by turning the page.


I hope you don’t feel alone,

When we’re together at home.

I’m sorry if I don’t know-

All the pains you ‘forget’ to show…


I confess I often forget to confess

Some very important things in tonight’s address.

But, sleep well- knowing there’s still love and hope and light-

And giving up is the only way to lose a fight.



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