I Think

I think a lotta thoughts about a lotta things-

I think we’re becoming disillusioned as a society and I think the media’s to blame.

I think that love and cheating are two illusions but one is way worse than the other,

And I think that everyone born after 1950 is the same, the only difference is their name.

Sometimes I think I should try to mention this to my mother.


I think my generation is so obese because they’re something missing;

We’re trying to fill in the gap with our selves

Instead we just get fat and sit around wishing

There was something better on TV.


But, I think nobody really believes what’s on TV-

Maybe because it’s all a lie

And magic was fine when we were kids but what do we now see?

The line in the lie is when you see the politicians lying in a pig stye.


I think we all spend too much time debating what these puppets are saying,

I think we should all calm down and think some more.

I guess we could invite the lonely people together and do some playing

I guess that’s what we’re all alive for.


I think as a generation we’re all far too paranoid,

And I think that’s not a good sign

To be put on steroids,

When the tumour’s benign.


I think maybe I think too much,

I’m just a liberal and I worry too much.

I think we should all get together and have lunch

And work out a solution, before the next big crunch.





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