About Me

There’s not much to say, other than that I love Lit and Writing. I’ve travelled around a bit and stayed in one place for much too long, but no matter where I’ve been I’ve always read and I’ve always written.

Right now, I want to focus on writing more every day. If you also want to do this, hit me up and we can cry out in frustration together.

I’m always up for discussion or contributions, just contact me if you have any questions or suggestions of what I should write next. (I’ll write basically anything. Words are my oxygen.)

Current posting schedule (which I will not and will never be held accountable for):

Monday– Meditate with Me

Wednesday– Words We Nicked from Other Languages, or a Condensed Essay

Thursday– Featured Blogger Day! The best of all possible days!

Friday– Random post/rant about just about anything- typically narrowed down to literature, art, philosophy, psychology, or politics.

Sunday– My more traditional kind of posts- the poetry that most of you are probably following me for at this point, the short stories I wish I wrote more, etc…



‘Not All Roses Are Red’



Twitter: @LitLangIsLife