A Performance

Performer was old. He looked young though- the injections made sure of that. Yet, he could feel his age in his bones. How old was he? It wasn’t remembered; but he knew it wasn’t anything the computers knew accurately. He looked in the mirror of the dressing room, and his face looked wrong. It felt…

T’ Education System

I’d either forgotten how to feel at that point, or I was feeling too much. Something inside of me had begun to frost over, and a great winter of my existence was about to arrive. 

But hey, isn’t that the typical high-school experience?

Creativity and Mental Distress

Sylvia Plath- Depression Ernest Hemingway- Bipolar Disorder Van Gogh- Depression Beethoven- Bipolar I’m  not in the business of being groundbreaking, or unprecedented. Everyone knows about this- creativity and mental illness go together as well as peanut butter and chocolate. It’s a fucked-up sandwich. There are a lot of studies that have been going on since…

A Telling Truth

Trust me when I say, nobody is going to ask you how it feels. I’m immune to the piece of humanity that tells you why people do things or don’t do things. I spent years waiting for someone to ask- but that’s not what happens. People are a telling species; they want you to listen…

What is Art?

Black. My wardrobe seemed to enjoy spitting out entirely black ensembles. I wouldn’t have minded; but they were all different shades of black. The hat was dark black. The jumper was lighter-dark black. The jeans were grey-light-dark-black, with silver balls of lint for decoration. Yes; the perfect picture of the artist. The most colourful thing…

Why I Write

‘I’ve always loved English’ Thompson underlines the cover letter in obnoxious red ink. Turning to look at me while I play with my college ID card, I try to act not terrified because a teacher is looking at me. Teachers are creatures closely related to Medusa, I believe, because their gaze can petrify you. The…

Finale, part 2

Seriously, whose Idea was it to write 30 damn haikus?  

Finale, Part 1

A month of haikus Makes them fucking hard to write. I hope you like them.

Memes…. MEMES!!

Come to the meme side We have Harambae and Shrek. We rule the whole world.