On My Left

Really, do you care about Earth?


Apologetic Proposal

I am still trying to love you right.

Idea Mania

Some people hate their ideas; I’m a fighter.

Even when I wake to find them botched.

Blackpool 2018

Quick, take me down to Blackpool Promenade; Where the air is thick with nothing, really. And above your head lies God’s great grey sky. Stroll with Fish n Cips n lemonade, While the ocean roars and looks quite steely. And the kids on the rides scream as they fly. The funfair’s roaring, the rides are…

The Flaws of a Genius

While the genius sleeps Something deep inside it creeps- Is it an idea? Hope? Criteria? No, no. It’s just the lonely.


I listen to the music Time’s playing, even when it is slow with Winter’s sadness…

The Disease

I wish we could still talk- that you were you.

Writer’s Block

Words are beginning to lose their letters

Writers are beginning to lose their point.

The Writer

Wrong place, write time. Because I’m not here, but I’m on the page. And your screen, and in your head. But if you touch me I’ll turn to smoke And dissipate while I love you dearly, But clearly I’m incoherent Back to black for me, But at least I can see well enough. I’m real…